Securing the Private Cloud: Exploring the Value of Tokenization

Securing the private cloudPrivate cloud is a new, better way to organize and manage information technology resources and services. Instead of filling predefined and limited roles, IT resources form a flexible pool that business people and processes can draw upon precisely when and as needed.

By establishing a private cloud behind the corporate firewall, the enterprise is better able to determine workload and usage priorities, so that opportunities can be seized when they arise, avoiding the unpredictable nature of public cloud reliability. Knowledge workers will be able to address all facets and interrelationships of the data in the private cloud at any time, and exploit that information to the benefit of the business.

Topics in this white paper include:

  • The Private Cloud: Benefits and Challenges
  • Tokenization: Securing Data at Rest and in Transit
  • Mining The Benefits Of The Analytic Private Cloud
  • Securing the Private Cloud Without Getting in the Way of Business

White Paper

From Protegrity

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