Big Data Security FAQ


Answers to Your Most Frequently Asked
Big Data Security Questions

Protegrity Big Data Security FAQProtegrity leads the way in Big Data security, providing seamless, integrated security solutions for all Hadoop distributions, as well as platforms such as CDH, Greenplum, Netezza, and Teradata Aster.

Professionals looking to protect Big Data environments come to Protegrity seeking answers to a variety of questions, which we have compiled here in our Big Data Security FAQ.

We hope you find the answers here useful, and if you have any further questions, or would like to speak to a Protegrity Data Security Professional about implementing a Big Data security solution today, please email [email protected], or call 203.326.7200.

Questions Include:

  • What is Big Data?
  • How do Big Data Systems differ from traditional storage and enterprise data warehouses?
  • Why is Big Data Security an issue?
  • What is “intelligence-driven security” and how does it differ from Big Data security?
  • What am I legally required to do?
  • Will implmenting data-level security affect performance?
  • Can I really “future-proof” my data security?
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