Protegrity Database Protector for Teradata

Protegrity Database Protector for Teradata Data SheetOrganizations face an extraordinary challenge protecting sensitive data according to compliance mandates while also retaining accessibility and high performance.

That’s why Teradata, the global leader in enterprise data warehousing and analytics solutions, and Protegrity, the leading innovator of advanced data security solutions, partnered to create the most secure, comprehensive, and transparent data security available for Teradata.

The Protegrity Database Protector for Teradata seamlessly enhances the security of any Teradata warehouse with industry leading high performance encryption and tokenization combined with centralized policy-based protection, auditing, and reporting.

Key Benefits:

  • Enhance data security for Teradata with simplified management and optimized performance
  • Protect data at rest, in use, and in transit with tokenization, encryption, or masking
  • Enable fine-grained, column-level data protection
  • Support multi-tenant use cases with row-level access control
  • Utilize Separation of Duties with central policy management
  • Centralize key management, auditing, alerting, and reporting
  • Designed, developed, and tested in partnership with Teradata


Data Sheet

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