It’s Time to Think Differently About DATA

The reality of our endlessly connected, always online lives is that as digital citizens we have no choice but to trust educators, healthcare providers, government agencies, financial institutions, retailers, social media platforms, tech firms and communications companies when we engage with them daily via mobile apps, websites and connected devices.

But are they doing the right things with our data? Or, as a business person, are you doing the right things to protect your customers’ data privacy? When surveyed, 64% of consumers said that they would consider leaving a company that had a data loss.

At Protegrity, we are about one thing, protecting data wherever it goes. For this reason, Protegrity is focused on helping organizations not only understand their obligations as custodians of our personal data, but also helping them realize their obligations. Our Data Protection Platform offers complete data protection — from acquisition to deletion and every point in between. Protegrity’s unique data protection technologies are built for today’s data-driven businesses.