Experienced. Local. Focused On Your Success.

That’s why with Protegrity, you don’t just get the most complete data protection solutions available, you also benefit a full range of professional services to ensure quick and efficient implementation. All Protegrity consultants are security industry veterans, CISP-trained, certified on Protegrity software products, and certified in a wide range of applicable specialized areas. Protegrity professional services include:

Product Consulting

Our global product consulting organization are focused on understanding, simplifying and delivering on your data security projects – as fast as possible.

Implementation plans help you establish your project strategies and leverage data security best practices that will help you meet your specific business goals. Our product experts provide a broad range of services including implementation and technical consulting, data integration, and security event reporting.

Protegrity consultants treat each customer uniquely and will tailor an implementation that meets your requirements and delivers success.

Data Security Architecture Consulting

Effective data security requires a comprehensive understanding of data flow architecture.  Protegrity architects provide infrastructure best practices to ensure a solid foundation for your data security project.  Protegrity data security architects provide:

  • Extensive analysis of data flow to identify potential security targets
  • Data protection strategy solutions that work with your files, applications, and databases—all from a central management point
  • Comprehensive product solutions customized to meet your specific needs
  • Design documents that outline and clarify the design to ensure complete understanding
  • System solution documents detailing the specifics of your data protection plan and strategy
  • Security policies and procedures to ensure effective control and separation of duties
  • Custom test cases to ensure security at all data flow points