While some are trying to steal your data outright, others are hard at work creating new ways to gain access to that data through an application. They’re attacking your external applications that collect information, such as your websites, call center programs, and point-of-sales systems. They’re also after the sensitive internal systems that use and store your most sensitive information, such as human resources, enterprise resource planning, and financial and manufacturing data. It doesn’t matter if the information is in use or “at rest” in a database, file, or archive—your organization’s most sensitive data is always a target.

That’s where Protegrity comes in. Our Data Protection Platform offers complete data security —from acquisition to deletion and every point in between.



Going well beyond traditional access controls and volume encryption, Protegrity is the first vendor to deliver a comprehensive data security path with both coarse and fine grain data security options for Apache™ Hadoop®, Teradata® Aster, Cloudera®, Pivotal®, Hortonworks®, and other Big Data platforms. Utilizing volume or file strong encryption, or Vaultless Tokenization on the node for individual data elements, and central data security policy management for access control, the Protegrity Big Data Protector secures all sensitive data in Hadoop in any state – at rest in the Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS); in use during MapReduce, Hive, or Pig processing; and in transit to other enterprise data systems. Learn more



The explosion of cloud computing and heightened regulatory requirements for securing sensitive data have created a huge challenge for large enterprises that demand more affordable, scalable solutions to stay compliant. Protegrity takes a two-pronged approach to cloud protection. The first delivers protection to those clients using software-as-a-service (SaaS); the second uses our protectors to ensure secure platform-as-a-service (PaaS) deployments on the cloud. Either way, your data security remains intact—in the cloud and on the ground.Learn More



Protegrity has developed a patent-pending, Vaultless Tokenization process that eliminates the challenges associated with standard vault-based tokenization. No performance and scalability bottlenecks caused by latency, no more fear of collisions, and no more sensitive data or tokens residing in your token server.



Protegrity’s Data Security Policy approach enables your Security Officer to determine and specify what data is to be protected, where it is to be enforced, who will have access and when and how the data will be protected. Key Management capabilities are integrated into the platform and provide an easy-to-use system for managing keys. Result: Consistent and comprehensive protection at more efficient levels.



Protegrity has a proven record of successfully implementing data security solutions in large, complex, heterogeneous technology environments. With the Protegrity Data Security Platform, your enterprise will benefit from extensive interoperability with a large variety of databases, operating systems and platforms.



An effective data security strategy which complements the data protection method with the risk associated with a particular type of data (i.e. credit card numbers, PII, etc.). To do this, Protegrity supports a comprehensive range of data protection methods, including monitoring with no encryption, vaultless tokenization, format-controlling encryption, strong encryption, and hashing.



Ensure total security with data protectors that work together. To help organizations implement a truly comprehensive data security strategy, Protegrity’s Data Security Platform offers a collaborative set of data protection products that can be combined to protect sensitive data end-to-end: from the point of creation to the point of archive or purging—as the data moves from databases, files, and applications.



Protegrity’s Central Reporting capability enables Security Officers to monitor the effectiveness of internal controls while giving compliance assessors the information they need to certify compliance with applicable legal and regulatory requirements, such as PCI, PII and HIPAA. Audit logs capture authorized and unauthorized attempts to access sensitive data at all protection points where data protection products are deployed. This level of granularity is critical to answering “who touched what data when”; an important requirement for PCI and HIPAA. Result: Informed security decisions, more cost-effective audits, and the peace of mind that comes with having critical security systems information at your fingertips.



With the Protegrity Data Security Platform, Security Officers can prevent technologists—such as DBAs, programmers, or system engineers—from seeing the sensitive data in the clear or granting sensitive data access to others. This will not however, prevent these specialists from performing their jobs of administering different aspects of the enterprise IT, data flows, and data environments. In other words, your organization can be assured of safe and appropriate access without disruption to the business.