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20 Self Actualizing CIOs to Follow on Twitter

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CIOs on Twitter
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I work with a great group of technology and business leaders at the #CIOChat on Twitter and few weeks ago, I asked them what conditions drive happier, more productive CIOs. Before sharing their collective insights, let me acknowledge the amazing contributors within this chat:

These CIOs have opinions about engagement split nicely into five areas.

The right work environment

CIOs want a work environment that enables them to develop and hire people that are smarter than themselves and to establish inclusive, diverse teams with motivated, happy executives obsessed with customer delight. CIOs want the ability to nurture a team that is engaged with and respected by the business.

Understanding the strategic value of technology

CIOs see an organizational culture that understands and embraces digital innovation as key to their success. CIOs say they want organizations that see technology as a pillar of businesses, a true business line that provides business value and innovation with a direct impact on business. This includes working with executive teams and business leaders comfortable with embracing innovative, leading edge technologies and agile methodologies to solve business problems.

Challenging work

CIOs clearly like challenging environments! David Bray, FCC CIO said, “My real joy is really hard human and technical challenges,” while Aldo Ceccarelli said he is happy when his team gains competency for both their business’s continuous improvement and leapfrogging digital transformation.

CIOs say that they want to work on a variety of meaningful, fulfilling projects in creative, high-performing environments; they want to tackle challenges and be problem solving in a way that makes a difference. CIOs want the ability to innovate to directly influence and benefit their organizations.

IT and business alignment

CIOs are clear that they want the C-level to be aligned with IT strategy for a clear focus on corporate objectives. A basis for this is the acceptance of the strategic role that IT has within the business and CIOs seek close alignment with their business unit peers.

Strong business relationships

CIOs appreciate being driven by colleagues say they want support from their board, peers and team, with business leaders like Target Corp CEO Brian Cornell, who embrace technology, innovation and change and put in place teams who follows and support a vision that includes IT.

A key desire for CIOs is having support from leaders on expected transformation agenda, and partners across the organization who are willing to engage. With share of voice, respect for technical expertise, and resources for quality, meaningful work, CIOs have inclusion, and most importantly, room to innovate.

Achieving a culture that ‘gets’ how great digital experiences drive brand loyalty means CIOs say that they do not want to be ivory tower leaders, they want to be given the opportunity to build, fail-fast, learn, and repeat with their colleagues.

Parting remarks

CIOs on Twitter
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