who is protegrity?

We are a passionate group of cybersecurity experts working together to develop the widest range of data protection solutions possible to protect the world's most sensitive data.
Nearly two decades ago, Protegrity pioneered new data-first security solutions and created a powerful approach that secures data at the speed of business.

Our customers span a huge range of industries, including the largest US and European retail chains and many of the world’s largest credit card companies. Instead of being distracted by security and compliance, organizations across the globe can focus on generating fresh insights and game-changing innovations from their data.

we pioneered data protection.

Experience matters, and we have a storied history of innovation in data privacy and security. With over 120 patents and patents-pending, we pioneered many of the techniques we offer the world’s leading brands, and partner with the world's leading technology companies to offer the most comprehensive yet flexible range of data protection options.
Protegrity Data Security
Protegrity Data Security

solid foundation. innovation-driven.

For over two decades, Protegrity has delivered granular protection for the sensitive enterprise data of the largest brands on the planet. Throughout our journey, we’ve stayed apace with an ever-changing technology industry, always adapting to meet the needs of customers and partners. In that regard, Protegrity is a reimagined, innovation-driven company built atop a rock-solid foundation.

It’s a foundation centered on Protegrity securing the privacy of more than one billion individuals—an accomplishment that’s echoed in Gartner’s recognition of us as a leader in the data-centric audit and protection (DCAP) market.

We are recognized experts, creating solutions that make it easier for our customers to focus on the business, not the data, and pursue positive outcomes. We always aim to be as agile as our customers, and we “skate where the puck is going to be”—that is, we aim to be where our customers want their business and technology to go.

Our Core Values

More than two decades ago, the founders of the company came up with the name “Protegrity”—a combination of words to illustrate our commitment to '“protection” with "integrity.” In all our efforts, we aim to do things the right way, and that means we are always on the side of privacy. We do the right thing, because having integrity involves more than just creating the best data-protection technology. ​ 
We believe the best teams include individuals who strive for excellence and are committed to collaboration to create something special. We embrace teamwork as a core value, and it shapes how we support our culture, our customers, and our partners.  
More than two decades of experience in enterprise data security–an industry we largely created–informs how we collaborate with the world’s leading brands and strategic technology partners. We believe in and embrace a cultural commitment to innovation, fueled by our collective passion to build software that allows our customers to innovate with secure data. Core to our strategy is partnering with innovative technology players to ensure we always lead  a data-security industry that’s constantly evolving. 
From the very moment we engage with a new customer, every decision we make and every action we take is customer-inspired. Because of our commitment to our customers and the bonds we form with them, we’re able to anticipate their ever-changing data security needs. We believe that we are only successful when our customers are successful. 


Protegrity aspires to protect the world's most sensitive data.

Our platform frees businesses from the constraints typically associated with access to, and the fine-grained protection of, sensitive data. This offers you the confidence to create better customer experiences, make intelligent decisions, and fuel innovation. Data knows no boundaries, nor should data protection. Protegrity's technology is built for data ubiquity—we secure data whatever it is and wherever it resides to empower businesses to thrive.


We strive to be the global standard for ubiquitous data protection.

We empower intelligence-driven organizations to use data to drive innovation with secure analytics and artificial intelligence, without fear of violating compliance or jeopardizing privacy. To make this vision a reality, we protect sensitive data anywhere and everywhere to create secure data agility that aligns with the speed of modern business.

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