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AI Protect

Data protection should operate at the speed of your business, especially when it comes to tapping the potential of secure data to advance AI.

Inflexible Systems Don't Cut It​

While businesses benefit from AI tools, many have discovered that various technologies take different approaches to data protection. Some analytics tools and databases have built-in data protection, but that doesn’t always meet the required level of security. Also, compliance and security teams struggle to align data protection with these tools. Lines of business want to use AI tools that best meet their specific needs, and a one-size-fits-all application doesn't cut it for entire enterprise. Businesses need to coalesce their many AI tools with a unifying system that manages the complexities of security.​

Regulations Slow AI and Innovation​​

Enterprises tepidly approach AI because they’re afraid of not complying with regulations safeguarding the privacy of data. It’s a tough balancing act: Maximizing AI applications that personalize customer experiences, improve operations across the enterprise, and anticipate industry trends—all while staying mindful of data privacy. Enterprises can’t grant liberal access to data, nor can they take months to determine which data needs to be anonymized for analytics. Effective, enterprise-wide security has to shape data analytics if businesses are to extract value from data and protect its most sensitive elements.​

Growth, Cloud Migration, and ​Data Sharing

AI is a Business Imperative

Digital transformation has brought with it the ability for businesses to generate, organize, and activate data more seamlessly than ever before. We see data as a superpower that businesses can use to drive advanced analytics and AI.

Agility for the Hybrid Cloud

​When digital transformation comes knocking, it wants to take your sensitive data with it—to the cloud. Today’s enterprises know they can increase analytics agility by leveraging hybrid- and multi-cloud services.​

Anonymization Frees Your Data

Businesses can monetize the troves of data they have accumulated, transforming operational data into a valuable asset. For many, the ability to share privacy-preserved data and analysis could have world-impacting implications.

What is Protegrity AI Protect?

AI Protect is a singular answer to the often-crippling question of how enterprises can get their many cloud-based and on-premises AI tools working in harmony to protect data. It streamlines classification and discovery as well as the management of the many ways sensitive data can be safeguarded to meet regulations mandating data privacy. By effectively securing data, the solution unleashes the power of AI and transforms businesses into intelligence-first innovators.​

Streamline Data Discovery and Protection to Advance AI​

Protegrity Data Security


Being able  to choose the most appropriate  data-security  technology based on  what your business does is the key to protection. This in-depth reference guide  will help  you take that first step.