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Protegrity Cloud Protect API using AWS Lambda is Now Available on AWS Marketplace

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Our latest solution brief reveals the key components that are fundamental for protecting enterprise data and building an effective cloud security strategy. Download today to discover.


protecting sensitive data with AWS Lambda 

Protegrity leverages AWS Lambda to perform data protection operations on AWS services, such as Amazon Redshift, Amazon Athena, AWS Glue, AWS S3, AWS Aurora etc. With Lambda’s serverless, event driven capability, Protegrity’s operations can be executed in a parallel and scalable manner while maintaining referential integrity and data privacy.

Why Protegrity for Amazon?

Protegrity Data Security

Evergreen Compliance

Protegrity for Cloud Protect API on Amazon provides enterprise data warehouses with continuous protection to meet current and future regulatory compliance requirements. The Protegrity Platform goes beyond encryption, protecting sensitive information at the data layer. Businesses can now transition away from subjective and qualitative survey-based assessment to embrace more robust compliance and risk validation.

Protegrity Data Security

Hybrid Infrastructure Support

Accelerate your growth and initiatives through cloud-native tokenization with AWS Lambda’s autoscaling. Through our advanced Vaultless Tokenization and our partnered integration, we can support your largest workloads and simplify the management of multi-cloud servers, applications, and services. Drive your unique cloud strategy through one data security platform with Protegrity’s centralized and consistent enforcement across hybrid deployments.

Protegrity Data Security

Sensitive Data Democratization

Safely unlock and democratize sensitive data using a variety of advanced data protection methods. Choose your preferred method through Protegrity’s data protection platform and share only authorized portions of data with trusted parties. Using role and locale-based access controls, businesses can improve accessibility and empower stakeholders to leverage data for innovation.

“Protegrity helps us protect the privacy of individuals by supporting our data anonymization efforts. Our data security efforts are not a means to slow us down, but instead enable our business to move faster, while maintaining the necessary guardrails for user privacy.”

—Agasi Aslanyan, Data Security and Privacy Architect

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Customers Using AWS and Protegrity

protegrity secure data

A top 3 healthcare payor in the United States uses Protegrity as its enterprise standard for data security. Utilizing Protegrity’s vaultless tokenization technology securely protects petabytes of database, development, test, and production data at-rest and in-transit, as it moves to the AWS cloud.

protegrity secure data

To secure a lucrative government contract and shepherd innovation, Protegrity provided a powerful, scalable data privacy solution for a multinational business solutions company.Protegrity’s solution enabled the organization to meet strict data privacy compliance and pass a federal audit by protecting sensitive data stored inAmazon S3, Athena, Redshift, and Glue environments.

protegrity secure data

Protegrity helped a top Fortune 200 insurance company meet compliance standards and protect sensitive data when it needed to rapidly move terrestrial Teradata workloads to a cloud environment, consisting of Amazon S3 and Snowflake.

protegrity secure data

Fueled by bank mergers and strict regulatory compliance standards, Protegrity helped one of the largest bank holding companies in the United States improve its enterprise data protection standards by securing sensitive customer data in cyber data warehouse testing and AWS cloud environments.

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