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Posted on: April 3, 2017

Protegrity 7

Protegrity 7

Today we’re excited to announce the general availability of our latest platform release, Protegrity 7.

Data security today is broken. Companies are breached daily even when they turn on every security feature across the products they use. According to Gartner, silo based security is failing at an alarming rate because it doesn’t scale, is hard to implement across multiple silos, and offers inconsistent protection. Imagine if data security just worked. Comprehensive protection from breaches. No caveats. No exceptions. No complexity. That’s the premise of Protegrity.

Protegrity 7 extends that reach even further. We’ve taken our core technologies and expanded them with more depth and capabilities to make it simple to secure sensitive data even in the most complex environments. We’re covering more silos, more enterprise services, more cloud environments, and enabling more data-centric features. With Protegrity 7, data security practitioners can define, implement, and monitor data security policies with unprecedented scale, agility, and flexibility to enable all data users to leverage their valuable data assets safely and securely.

Internet Scale

  • Expanded portfolio of data protectors and SDKs support a greater diversity of data sources, both on-premises and in the cloud.
  • Clustering and micro-services deployment options enable rapid scale-up and scale-out of data protection as data volumes and workloads expand.
  • Comprehensive and scalable key management, including support for NIST 800-57 standard, key state management, and key-encryption key (KEK) handling and rotation.

Agility at the Speed of the Business

  • Full policy lifecycle management and policy feedback tools and dashboard to enable defining, monitoring and subsequently changing data security policies without disrupting business, modifying application code, or changing the underlying application environment.
  • Expanded use of Protegrity Gateway technology more rapidly applies optimal data protection for any sensitive data everywhere it resides, transparently and non-invasively from the perspective of application end-users.

Deployment Flexibility

  • Ability to choose any style of data protection (tokenization, masking, obfuscation, and encryption including NIST 800-38 format-preserving encryption), and apply it in a wide variety of ways including on the database, over the wire, as a service, and via APIs.
  • Protegrity products supported on Amazon Web Services to enable rapid deployment of new data security services without significant up-front investment.

Future-Proof for the Next Generation of Data

Protegrity is also announcing general availability of new capabilities to protect the next generation of data, including:

  • Comprehensive protection of enterprise-class big data implementations, including expanded support for Spark SQL, Kafka, Flume, and native installation and cluster management using Hortonworks Ambari and Cloudera Manager, enabling the protection of large-scale data lakes based on all leading big data distributions.
  • Support for containerization and microservices technologies including Mesos, Docker, and Node.js enabling lights-out scale-up and scale-out of secured data workloads regardless of the physical infrastructure supporting those workloads.
  • Ability to define different fine-grained security policies for different consumers of the same data records, thus enabling future possible use cases of sensitive data regardless of where that data is stored or consumed, and without re-implementing existing policies.

Fit-for-Purpose for Data Security Governance

Data security leaders need to establish an enterprise-wide data security governance competency to own the definition, implementation and management of data security policies throughout their organization and beyond. To help clients quickly empower their data security practitioners design and enforce optimal security policies powered by Protegrity 7, Protegrity is also offering:

  • Dashboards and alerting of policy status, data usage, and protector and gateway health and activity in large environments, enabling data security policy owners to maintain a real-time view of their data security posture.
  • Ability to define business-user roles and associate with fine-grained security policies, thus enabling governance of data security policies for each group of business users consuming that data.
  • Availability of best practices for enterprise-wide data protection including new data technologies such as Big Data, NoSQL, Microservices, Hybrid environments, as well as regulatory domains such as GDPR.