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Posted on: October 19, 2015

Protegrity Data Security Platform Version 6.6 is Now Available

We are very excited to announce Protegrity Data Security Platform version 6.6 as GA.

This release contains various new functionality and focuses on appliances and a new graphical user interface. The new Platform has multiple user benefits - starting with higher performance and flexibility, along with a new modern UI, greater ease of use, improved multi-site replication and other enhancements.


Protegrity Data Security Platform v6.6 provides greatly improved performance for appliances, including the Enterprise Security Administrator (ESA) and Protection server. Appliance components have now been upgraded to 64 bit, including the operating system, which has been upgraded to Debian Wheezy 7.8. Appliance systems can now utilize more memory and perform better event analysis and faster reporting.


In previous versions, appliances were installed on a single disk, with no easy way to increase the disk size. Version 6.6 features the new Logical Volume Manager, wherein users can add more disks online without any manual operation, thereby increasing the appliance storage. Users can choose which hard drives to install upon if there are multiple options. Disk layout is simple with efficient partition management.

Enhanced User Interface

A logical and convenient user interface is important in order to serve user needs. ESA and Protection Server version 6.6 now come with an improved graphical user interface and a new dashboard. The layout has been changed to improve usability, and provide a modern look and feel.

Ease of Use

Data Security Platform v6.6 now comes with built-in, web-based policy management in the Security Manager. This simplifies installation and reduces the overall footprint required for the management of security operations. ESA also now provides a single pane of glass for administration, policy management, auditing and reporting. Separation of duties and access control can be enforced for each of these components.

The new UI will now present a unified login for users. Users can now see all the sections (admin, security manager and reports) or certain sections based on the roles defined. Version 6.6 also now includes password expiration notifications.

Improved Multi-Site Replication

Trusted appliance cluster mode can connect multiple nodes, where data can be replicated from one machine to another. This solution supported multi-site, for example, primary/master in the east coast and secondary/slave in the west coast for disaster recovery scenarios. With the new multi-site replication improvements in version 6.6, users can now designate the primary site as Master, and an unlimited number of secondary/slave sites. If the primary site goes down, users can designate one of the secondary as a new primary (switch Master). This new Master will then replicate data to other sites. When the old primary is up again, it becomes a new secondary. Users can also re-designate the old primary as the primary site, and resume normal replication flow from that site to the secondary sites. These operations can be easily managed within the user interface.

Backwards Compatible

Enterprise Security Administrator 6.6 is backwards compatible with previous versions of Protegrity Protectors. Users can now push policies from ESA 6.6 to Protectors and security endpoints of versions and later.

Miscellaneous Improvements

Other improvements include support for DHCP, where users can now auto configure network settings, and other enhancements, all of which are documented in the 6.6 feature guide. We're proud to announce that Protegrity Data Security Platform v6.6 is now GA and can be used for production, and we're excited to bring this new functionality to our customers.