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Financial Services Case Study

Internal Privacy Regulations

Company Overview

A major financial institution, utilizing the Xactly cloud platform for employee performance and compensation management, and with strong internal privacy mandates for employee data.


Business Problem

A major financial institution required sensitive employee performance and compensation data de-identification within the Xactly cloud platform, according to internal regulations.

This entailed scalable tokenization of over fifty data types with little-to-no impact on performance, while preserving the functionality of the Xactly platform, including analytics.

Tokenization was required over encryption due to its ability to fully remove any relationship to the cleartext sensitive data, as well as solve data residency issues with sending the data outside the corporate network to the Xactly cloud platform.

Requirements and Challenges

The company required a tokenization solution to de-identify sensitive employee information
Highly transparent security, to protect sensitive data without inhibiting job functions
User-friendly solution that can be administrated internally

Solution must easily adapt to changes or upgrades without heavy outside technical support
Vertical and horizontal scalability to support geographical distribution of cloud data centers and usage
Maximum performance, no noticeable negative impact on user experience and guaranteed reliability
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Protegrity Solution

The Protegrity Cloud Gateway (PCG) was implemented to secure sensitive data within the Xactly cloud platform, along with a no-code, configurable security management console, based on Protegrity’s Enterprise Security Administrator software.

The PCG is transparent to the Xactly platform and allows secured data to be used seamlessly within all components, including analytics, reporting, and search.

PCG utilizes both in-band and out-of-band traffic to implement consistent data protection, regardless of the location of the requester.

Patented Protegrity Vaultless Tokenization (PVT) provides maximum performance, scalability, and flexibility to protect the large amount and variety of data.

Implementation Diagram



Results & Benefits

Enabled compliance with corporate security standards and external privacy regulations
Granted critical business processes secure access to sensitive data for authorized analytics and reporting
Provided full support for separation of duties and comprehensive auditing
Easily met all SLA benchmarks for performance and scalability
Eliminated need for heavy IT or vendor involvement for changes or support
Solution is extensible to other SaaS providers, including Salesforce, Box, and more