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File Protector Gateway 

A Protegrity Data Sheet

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Files passed inside and outside the enterprise often contain sensitive data subject to compliance, privacy, and business security requirements.

Protegrity File Protector Gateway (FPG) is a high-performance gateway solution that protects data in real-time, utilizing either coarse-grained or fine-grained security.

Delivered as a software appliance, the FPG can be deployed as an edge device, to protect data entering or leaving the enterprise. It can also protect data traveling between any systems within the enterprise, or act as a protection vault for secure storage

 Key benefits

  • Secure sensitive data fields or columns within files while allowing access to other data
  • Encrypt complete files in transit, or securely store them within FPG
  • Enforce policies to support different data access permissions for different roles
  • Manage and monitor services with an intuitive interface
  • Capture event and audit logs, with centralized reporting
  • Compatible with a wide range of file systems, directory services, and file formats

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