5 Growth Initiatives Healthcare Payers can Leverage Today with Security

Healthcare payers today are transforming from their historical missions to putting members front and center. Core to this change is the ability to use data to improve member health. With the emergence of healthcare related Internet of Things comes a diversity of datasets containing PHI and PII with the potential to improve quality of care and patient outcomes; as such it is essential to progress how this valuable and sensitive data is managed, governed and most importantly, protected. Healthcare payers that organize their data strategies effectively will have the ability to not only drive better healthcare outcomes but also lower costs by ensuring standards of care, performance related pay, comply with government and industry regulation, and reduce vulnerability in the event of a hack.

In this white paper, learn how Protegrity can help you overcome these 5 challenges:
  • Connecting IT with Business Strategy
  • Regulatory requirements
  • Member trust
  • Operational efficiency
  • Data Usability


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