Protegrity Insight: Reduce your Data Breach Exposure with Machine Learning

Corporate data architectures constantly evolve: new business, analytical, or technical requirements inevitably come up; new users and applications have to be accommodated as they feed on the EDW and produce data; acquisitions, mergers, and changes in the development team further add unforeseen complexity.

In ideal world, this evolution is organic, and streamlined. In the real world, this process involve a lot of ad hoc development, poor or no documentation, and results in redundant copies of data scattered across the enterprise – with little control over what’s out there and who has access to it. The growing adoption of polyglot architectures and data lakes only amplifies the problem. As sensitive data can reside anywhere, data leaks become common place.

In this session, learn how to minimize the risk of a data breach with Protegrity Insight, our machine learning-powered data discovery tool that scans your enterprise repositories to identify sensitive data assets.