7 Pitfalls of Silo Based Security

Companies today are breached even when they turn on every security feature across the products they use. Why isn’t the current silo based security model working? Why are there so many pitfalls to getting it right? We mapped these for you in the infographic: How to Avoid the 7 Pitfalls of Silo-Based Data Security.

There is a better way – no caveats, no complexity, no exceptions. We’re transforming the fundamental approach to security at Protegrity.

According to Gartner:
“The exponential growth in data generation and usage across multiple data silos is rendering current data security methods obsolete, requiring significant changes in both architecture and product approaches.”

Protegrity secures sensitive data in companies worldwide and we made it simple to secure this data even in the most complex environments, on-premises and in the cloud. Our solution simplifies protecting and governing sensitive data across complex, multi-silo environments, to transform the way brands protect data, and their reputations.

Download the Infographic