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From Complex to Simple

Protegrity Prime

Eschewing old-world perpetual licenses that only allowed use of specific Protegrity offerings running in narrowly-defined and contractually-specified computing environments, the bundled Protegrity Prime subscription tiers align with the ongoing value delivered – the protection of the data itself – and allows clients to protect their sensitive data wherever it resides using the entirety of the Protegrity product portfolio.

While privacy-by-design is integral to maintaining a company’s brand reputation, deploying data security can be logistically and financially disruptive. But with the Protegrity Prime all-in subscription, organizations can flexibly scale protection of data and manage access to it in-line with the operational demands facing all connected enterprises.

Download the infographic to learn more about how Protegrity is helping enterprises rapidly deploy data-centric security solutions that accelerate risk reduction and business value protection.

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