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A Protegrity Technical Product Brief

Data Security Platform

Data is the new currency for most organizations as more information is collected and analyzed at an unprecedented rate. Much of this data is about individuals – consumers – specifically, their demographics, behavior, location, habits, etc.

The endgame is simple: the better you know your customer, the better you will be able to market and sell them your products and services. Companies that don’t fully leverage all of their data will inevitably fall behind.

At the same time, internal corporate governance, regulatory organizations and laws are demanding responsibility in protecting sensitive data, including financial information, the privacy of individuals and employees, IP, and operational/business data. To comply with these mandates, and protect these valuable data assets, such sensitive data must be secured

This Product Brief Covers The Following:

  • The Protegrity Data Security Platform
  • Enterprise Security Administrator (ESA)
  • Protegrity Data Protectors
  • Data Protection through Tokenization
  • Risk Adjusted Data Protection
  • Protecting Data in a Heterogeneous Enterprise

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