Financial Services Data Security Solutions

Customers value their right to privacy as highly as their wealth. Financial institutions understand that customer loyalty depends on trust in a brand with an untarnished reputation. In recognition of this, data protection has been at the heart of the financial industry since record keeping began.

Advances in technology and the ability to blend data from a variety of sources in increasingly complicated omnichannel and digital environments, has been key to enabling growth within the financial services industry, by enhancing the customer experience and offering data insights for competitive advantage. As the industry evolves there is more sensitive customer and employee data that needs to be protected than ever before.

Born from a desire to simplify the complexities of increasing financial regulatory compliance, the Protegrity Data Security Platform protects sensitive data from misuse and theft with the most advanced tokenization and encryption technologies available. Whether dealing with financial or private information, Protegrity secures data itself, throughout its lifecycle, to ensure it is protected no matter where it is used or stored.

Financial Services Data Security Solutions


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