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Methods of Data Protection

A Reference Guide

To merit trust while fostering innovation and driving business agility, enterprises must protect their data every step of the way. Every business needs a nuanced data protection strategy that ensures their customers’ sensitive information is kept safe — in use, in transit and at rest.

This reference guide describes data-centric security, and explains the different technologies available, the importance of data classification and security policies, as well as how to choose the most appropriate technology based on use cases. This whitepaper focuses on a data-centric approach that provides an essential additional layer of security for protecting sensitive data today.

This White Paper Covers:

  • Definitions of various data-centric security methods, including masking, encryption, tokenization and de-identification
  • Data classification and data security policy
  • Deciding which method is most appropriate
  • Cloud data security
  • Data-centric security solution checklist

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