Protegrity Data Security Gateway for NoSQL

Organizations face an extraordinary challenge protecting sensitive data according to compliance mandates while also retaining accessibility and high performance. Many organizations require that sensitive data, including health and personally identifiable information, be protected or de-identified to satisfy regulations or internal privacy policies.

Protegrity Data Security Gateway for NoSQL addresses these security, privacy, and compliance risks with advanced encryption and tokenization to transparently protect sensitive data in NoSQL databases. By securing data in real-time as it is transmitted – before it is written to the database – enterprises are assured that data automatically adhere to rules governing sensitive data at all times.


  • Secure sensitive data in NoSQL databases transparently, without interruption to users or applications
  • Protect specific sensitive data—providing protection at rest, in use, or in transit
  • Utilize a variety of security methods, including Protegrity Vaultless Tokenization or AES 256 encryption
  • Enhance security with enterprise-grade key management and flexible policy controls
  • Leverage better visibility with comprehensive activity monitoring and reporting
  • Supports all security operations as a gateway or RESTful API server
  • Full support for all NoSQL databases including mongoDB, Cassandra, Couchbase, and ElasticSearch

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