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The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Privacy by Design

By Barbara Peruskovic

Like Arthur Dent in The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, organizations around the world are suddenly realizing they have been missing something important: that people care about their privacy.

As digital citizens we have no choice but to trust the educators, healthcare providers, government agencies, financial institutions, retailers, social media platforms, tech firms and communications companies we engage with daily via mobile apps, websites and connected devices.

The reality is that those we entrust with our personal information are the only ones who can truly safeguard our privacy. In this context, the exponential growth in personal data and the analysis of it has led to increasingly rigorous  legislation that has globally heightened a sense of organizational responsibility.

Europeans have taken the lead here with their General Data Protection Regulation but enterprises around the world are concerned about honoring their responsibilities as custodians of our personal information, so it is our very great pleasure to present “the answer to the great question”: The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Privacy by Design, by Barbara Peruskovic with a foreword by Dr. Ann Cavoukian Ph D., LL.D. (Hon), M.S.M., a distinguished Expert-in-Residence at the Privacy by Design Centre of Excellence, Ryerson University.

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