UK Health and Social Care Services Data Security Solutions

Health and Social Care Services in the UK are dealing with more sensitive data that needs to be protected than ever before. There is tremendous benefit using patient and clinical information with big data analytics and cloud applications to unlock the secrets within the data. While the value of these endeavors is undeniable – medical science advances while patient care is improved – so too are the consequential responsibilities and challenges that come with increasing reliance on growing volumes of healthcare information.

Built with the complexities of the health and social care system in mind, Protegrity protects sensitive healthcare data with the most advanced tokenization and encryption technologies available on the market. Whether dealing with electronic health records, employee information or demographics, Protegrity offers protection throughout its lifecycle to ensure confidentiality, integrity and availability no matter where it is used, stored or transferred.

This solutions brief covers:

  • Healthcare Data Security Challenges
  • Patient Identifiable Information
  • Information Governance Statement of Compliance (IGSOC)
  • Data Shared Across Organisations
  • Data Protection Principles
  • Comprehensive Data Protection
  • Protegrity Advantages

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