Data Security Leaders in a Blues Healthcare World

Blue Cross Blue Shield is making a difference in the lives and health of Americans in all 50 states.

But did you know that many BCBS companies are also leading the way in protecting the sensitive PHI and PII data of its members? With new data breaches occurring almost daily, BCBS members are taking a proactive stand to ensure the safety of this data to secure it while utilizing it more effectively.

Panelists include:

Mark Schandl, Information Security Architect, Blue Cross Blue Shield of MN
• Dave Miller, Manager, Data Management, Blue Cross Blue Shield of MN
• Rose Cintron, Practice Lead Healthcare Industry Consultant, Teradata
• Marco Carmona, Solution Architect, Protegrity

Join us as our panel of Blue Cross Blue Shield members, data, and security experts discuss the transformation data-centric security is having for Blue Cross Blue Shield today.

Topics in this webinar:

• Why has BCBS MN decided to implement data-centric security?
• How is sensitive PII and PHI data in BCBS MN being protected?
• How do you leverage a 360 degree view of members without compromising security?
• Why is BCBS data security different from “typical” healthcare security?
• What lessons and experience can be shared across the BCBS community?
• How does visualization take advantage of tokenized data?
• As more BCBS members implement data-centric security, what are opportunities for sharing data?


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