Getting Started with Data-Centric Audit and Protection

Like the idea of data-centric security but not sure where to begin? Looking for practical steps to protect your organization’s sensitive data?
The exponential growth of data across the enterprise, the cloud, and Big Data is transforming businesses across the world with new opportunities. As the value of data has increased, so have the risks of sensitive data being compromised by internal and external threats.

Data-centric security protects sensitive data inside and outside enterprises while allowing the data to be accessible to those who need it.

In this webinar, we’ll examine the state of data security today and practical steps to improve your data-centric security posture.


• How data-centric security works
• A step by step methodology to get started
• How to classify, discover, and protect sensitive data
• Utilizing tokenization and encryption
• Real world examples of data-centric security in action

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