Security and Risk in the New API Economy

How should enterprises protect their data in the new API economy? What are the risks of leveraging the API economy?
With cloud computing going mainstream, Application Programming Interfaces (API) have evolved from a software development technique to a means of generating new business value. Organizations can extend the value of their assets by offering them as-a-service and, most frequently, these assets are delivered in the form of data.

In recent years, we have seen a groundswell of “data as a service” offerings, with organizations successfully monetizing their data by enabling their respective ecosystems to innovate new applications and services via APIs.

In order for this API economy to work, data owners need confidence that only rightful consumers are accessing it, and consumers need confidence they are consuming valid data from its rightful source. Without the ability to protect the value of its assets, the API economy can fall apart.

Join this webinar to learn:
• How the API economy is creating new opportunities for monetizing data
• Tools and best practices available for protecting the value of this data
• Examples of how Protegrity has helped various organizations achieve their data monetization goals.

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