What Does it Mean to be Safe in the Cloud?

The question should not only be about how to secure the cloud, the question is what are the best practices for data security generally, the concept is no different. Due to the lack of control in the Cloud, organizations must be more cognizant of the potential threats. As such, the only difference comes down to finer level of role based access control might need to be tighter in the cloud. There is a significant cost of getting this wrong, but organizations must also consider both the financial cost of carrying this out, as well as the performance cost which must be carefully reviewed before choosing a protection strategy.

5 Key Takeaways:

  • Traditional perimeter security does not provide the control required for shared cloud services.
  • Data Centric Security helps to provide consistent rules and role access control
  • Encryption and tokenisation can be used depending on the use case
  • Performance needs to be considered when architecting the right solution
  • Financials should mirror the cloud pricing model to enable rapid uptake of cloud services.
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