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A Protegrity Webinar

What Shared Responsibility In the Cloud Means To Your Data 

As you move more and more data into the cloud, the importance of protecting that data increases exponentially. And yet – the Shared Responsibility Model says that cloud vendors protect the cloud. But it’s your responsibility to protect what’s in the cloud. What does that mean? This webcast examines the Shared Responsibility model and why a data first security approach is the best way to protect your most precious asset – your data.

Watch Our On-Demand Webcast and Learn the Following:

  • What is Shared Responsibility and how does it differ between cloud providers
  • Data first security starts with simple but powerful data governance policies
  • What data needs to be protected? Know your data – data classification is at the heart of success
  • Where is your data at risk? If you don’t know, you can’t fix it. Gain insight to your cloud provider’s security
  • How should you protect it? Don’t pretend it can’t happen – protect your data as if it could be accessed by anyone

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