Meet some of the faces of Protegrity

Robert Neely

Director of Sales, U.S. West

Hans Meijer

Technical Director

Kate Hartshorn

Associate Legal Counsel

Marilyn Von Hoenning

Business Development Specialist, EMEA and APAC

Jeannette Disla

Senior Accountant

Banpreet Bhangu

Talent Acquisition Manager

Dale Jendruska

Director Professional Services - EMEA

Yvor Fernandez

Sourcing Manager

Charlotte Levan

Head of Enablement

Vinod Balaji

Sr. Database Consultant

Jeffra Ruesink

Sales Director, North Central

Dominic Dougherty

Support Engineer

Joel Kutner

Principal Solution Architect

Mark Wagasky

Sales Director

Yair Rozenberg

Senior Software Engineer

Mahesh Gawde

Software Architect

Sabrina Su

System Engineer

Danusa Ferry

Services and Sales Operations

Clyde Williamson

Product Management

Yigal Rozenberg

VP Products

Saket Upadhya

Senior Systems Engineer

Andrew Kappel

Sales Specialist

Magnus Sirvi

Director of Engineering

Will Mosley

Systems Engineer

Jay Wolf


Pavel Hruska

Account Executive

Chris Mills

Sales Director, NA East

Vic Levy

Director, Cloud Security

Anand Pallapalayam

Sr. Systems Engineer

Dominic Sartorio

SVP Products & Development

Nishant Agarwal

Presales Solution Architect

Krishnan Iyer

Protegrity India Site Manager

Sathish Ranganathan

Support Engineer

Hui Ma

Software Engineering Manager

George Curran

Solutions Architect

Hira Advani

VP & Chief Security Officer

Lloyd Fuller

Software Engineer

Sean McCloskey

Senior Account Executive

Ian Stocks

Business Development Specialist

Paul Valenti

Director, Support

Suni Munshani


Steve Kim

IT Specialist

Amar Mahatre

Sr. Software Developer

Marco Carmona

Solution Architect

Raul Ortega

VP Corporate Development

Kyle Graves

Account Executive

Vaughn Micchiche

Presale Solution Architect

Alissandra Burack

VP & In-House Counsel

Scott Simmons

Solution Architect

Frank Bucalo

Systems Engineer

Wendy Chiou

Sales and Marketing Operations