Your Voice Is Important To Us

Protegrity invites you to join our Customer Reference Program and share your company’s thought leadership using Protegrity solutions, products, and services. We want to recognize you for your innovations with Protegrity technology.

This program enables you to leverage your success story to gain positive exposure and brand awareness with a global audience. You can share your experiences in a number of ways, choosing the level and frequency of participation that best aligns with your objectives.


  • Engage with industry peers, Protegrity executives, and press and analyst communities
  • Showcase your organization’s success & share your story
  • Enhance your status in the industry as a thought leader
  • Networking opportunities with constituents within and across your industry
  • Earn rewards tokens and become eligible for exclusive networking events, services credits, and other benefits available to our top-performing reference customers

Customer Reference Activities

The Protegrity Customer Reference Program is designed for flexibility and low-time-commitment participation. You choose which reference opportunities are right for your enterprise, and you review and approve all messaging before any reference piece is finalized and published.

Approved public pieces are posted to and leveraged at Protegrity events and in other marketing materials, and may be promoted via Protegrity’s social media channels. Total time commitment is less than three hours. Possible reference activities include:


  • Name and/or logo usage
  • Quotes (for internal or external)
  • Press release


  • Name and/or logo usage
  • Quotes (for internal or external)
  • Written case study
  • Sales reference phone call
  • Byline article or press interview
  • Analyst interview
  • Video testimonial
  • Host a customer site visit
  • Speaking engagements

Your Reference Activities Earn Rewards Tokens

To thank you for your contribution to the Protegrity Customer Reference Program, we offer Rewards Tokens that can be exchanged for a variety of business-related goods and services. Different reference activities earn different numbers of Tokens, and you earn Tokens each time you perform that activity.

Activity Rewards Tokens Earned
 Name and Logo Use 100 annually
 Press Release 100 each
(for internal or external marketing)
200 each
 Analyst Interview 200 each
 Customer-to-Customer Calls 300 each
 Byline Article or Press Interview 300 each
 Case Study 400 each
 Video Testimonial 500 each
 Host a Customer Site Visit 500 each
 Speaking Engagement 500 each
 Protegrity Branded Merchandise
(e.g. leather padfolio, softshell jacket)
50 each
 Protegrity Professional Services – 4 Hours
(Does not include travel)
 750 each
 Protegrity Security Strategy Workshop  800 each
 Protegrity Professional Services – 8 Hours
(Does not include travel)
 1400 each
 Industry Conference Registration
(Occasionally available and with limited openings,
reserve your spot early)
 1500 each
 Protegrity Custom Training – 4 Hours
(Does not include travel) (minimum 2 days of services required at one time for on-site travel)
 2000 each
 Protegrity Custom Training – 8 Hours
(Does not include travel) (minimum 2 days of services required at one time for on-site travel)
 3500 each

Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions?

Click here to download the Protegrity Customer Reference Program FAQ.