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Data Privacy is not just for Christmas

Author : Mike Washington

Christmas bakesRecently, I filled my car up at my local petrol station where there’s also a bakery, sandwich company, convenience store and coffee shop. I only needed fuel so I paid at the kiosk, swiped my loyalty card and was off. Then this Saturday, around lunchtime, the app that I’d downloaded to receive my loyalty points notified me of a 2-4-1 Christmas special offer at the forecourt bakery. I was out with the kids picking up our Christmas tree so this was perfect, a virtuous commercial circle had occurred – and the kids stopped yelling for lunch.

Just like Father Christmas, consumers and their data are on a journey where personal information literally whizzes around the globe in the blink of an eye. Technology enables everything and with a 2040 shelf-life for the sale of hydrocarbon powered vehicles, cloud-based data combinations from multiple sources will soon occur with results delivered at a speed that ensures my forecourt interaction is a seamless digital experience that far eclipses today’s.

The catch is that the private information I provide in exchange for convenience is unique to me. I must trust the brands and technologies that consume it – possibly not in the country in which I live – and even if I have some privacy options within an app, they’re limited and with updates things change quickly. What if I want to opt out or delete my information?

The good news is my privacy rights are strengthening and what a retailer can do with my data unfettered reduces significantly under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

So how do forecourt retailers align consumer privacy rights with demand for digital services? The good news for forecourt retailers is that guidance already exists. The UK’s ICO and the EU’s GDPR point to pseudonymisation as an approach to appropriately protecting private information whilst preserving its inherent value during business processing.

As analytics and marketing become increasingly real time and data demands on integrated supply chains intensify, insights-led forecourt retailers need to focus on their ability to stay the right side of evolving data privacy regulation.

See data privacy as a good thing and elevate your brand’s data protection strategy in 2018 by taking a data-centric approach to protecting data privacy and innovation today.

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