A Guide to Help Data Security Leaders Achieve Success in An Otherwise Complex Data Landscape

ebook_landingThis eBook, authored by Dominic Sartorio, is for anyone looking to drive data security holistically across various functions and application environments. Part philosophy and part practical guidance, it outlines the organizational leadership behaviors, styles and priorities that, supported by fit-for-purpose tools and technology, will help data security leaders achieve success in an otherwise complex data landscape.

Organized in three chapters he covers:

Getting Beyond Silo- and Boundary-Oriented Thinking

Introduces the topic of boundaries and how traditional silo-oriented thinking is arguably the biggest barrier to implementing comprehensive data security.

Tapping into Your Organization’s Most Critical Business Initiatives

Practical guidance on how to overcome those boundaries by understanding your organization’s most critical business initiatives that depend on data.

Implementing a More Practical Set of Data Security Policies

How to translate that understanding into action, and quickly establish a data security competency.