Archived: Asia PAC Demonstration Series: Actionable Business Insights with Maximum Security

October 31, 2018, 16:00 Singapore


Reports suggest that security threats in organisations are caused as much by internal sources as external (think hackers). Internal risks are in vast majority associated with human error and foregoing security procedures rather than being a result of mischievous behavior. Untamed access to data assets is a typical vulnerability point in enterprise architectures.

Secure data management entails protecting data at every layer of the enterprise architecture: as it’s ingested, stored, and accessed.

Join this session to learn how to integrate data protection in data management tools and provide valuable insights to your business users without compromising security. We will demonstrate how information can be protected in transit – before it lands on EDW, at rest – as it resides in the data warehouse, and in use – as users act on and interact with this data.