Archived: Teradata PARTNERS 2017 - Anaheim, CA

October 22, 2017 - October 26, 2017


The Teradata PARTNERS Conference is the premier, global data and analytics conference led by customers for customers. PARTNERS brings data and analytics experts and industry expertise together, leading the initiative for companies to drive more value and insights from data.

At this year’s event Protegrity, as a Platinum Sponsor, will have a 20’x20’ booth on the expo floor (booth #211) in addition to sessions, meetings and special events to help data security professionals learn more about
Protegrity’s latest product enhancements and how our Teradata partnership can offer the best solutions for your data security needs.

Protegrity sessions include:
Sunday, October 22: 3:00p – 4:00pm, Session 467
Scope Reduction is the Key to Better Data Security and PCI-DSS Compliance
Presenter: Johnny Hernandez, Director Information Security, American Express Global Business Travel
Co-Presenter: Marco Carmona, Solution Architect, Protegrity

Session Brief:

American Express Global Business Travel (GBT) has been spun off from American Express the credit card business, and had to undergo their first ever PCI-DSS Compliance Audit. Learn how GBT was able to dramatically reduce the scope of their PCI-DSS audit with minimal impact to existing systems or business processes while simultaneously and dramatically reducing their exposure to the vast majority of attack vectors and any risk of a data breach by leveraging Data Security Gateway technology. This session will describe how this unique data protection technology and solution can be applied across a wide range of industries and IT infrastructures processing and leveraging sensitive or regulated data (PII, PHI, NPI, IP) in EDW, Hadoop, NoSQL and other large data repositories.

Monday, October 23: 3:30pm – 4:30pm, Session 471

Making Data Protection Easier with Data Security Gateways
Su Rayburn, AVP, Information Management & Analytics, Delta Community Credit Union
Marco Carmona, Solution Architect, Protegrity

Session Brief:

Credit Unions like Delta Community Credit Union (DCCU) are challenged with processing ever larger quantities of sensitive information – increasing potential risk and exposure. The protection of this information is critical to their business and the trust of their clients. DCCU receives sensitive financial information and personally identifiable information (PII) from a variety of sources to populate its Teradata Enterprise Data Warehouse. DCCU needed a way to ensure the security of this information beyond native Teradata security controls without disruption to their operations.

In this session, learn how DCCU solved the problem of protecting Payment Card Industry (PCI) and PII data in their Enterprise Data Warehouse environment without impacting existing systems using a Data Security Gateway. Data Security Gateway (DSG) technology protects sensitive data transparently over the network without the need to rewrite applications or database schemas. A variety of data-centric protection methods and flexible policies allow for protection of the data itself as it is moved, used, and consumed by different users. DSG is allowing for new uses of sensitive data at DCCU with the ability to de-identify the data for future advanced analytics.

Wednesday, October 25: 11:45am  – 12:30pm, Session 507
Cross platform protection of PII for the people that bring us the Olympics
Steve Haydostian, Data Security Manager, ISSA Education Foundation
Vincent Lam, Head of Corporate Marketing, Protegrity

Session Brief:

This global organization that brings us the Olympics, movies, documentaries, news and more requires moving people and equipment all over the world. Consolidation and coordination of all the related travel, permits, visa, skill set data, Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and Protected Health Information (PHI) for a truly international workforce is complicated by having to operate in so many different countries each with their own twist on data privacy requirements and requirements for access to sensitive PII. This session will highlight how to achieve compliance with a broad range of data privacy regulations and protecting PII of a highly mobile international workforce while still making the data accessible to authorized users and business processes, all managed from a single, centralized location. Learn how issues of cross-border data flows, GDPR and HIPAA compliance can all be met with a single data protection solution.


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