Drive secure patient outcomes while reducing costs

The healthcare industry is transforming as payers put their members front and center to help drive better outcomes and reduce costs, while providers strive to remain viable in an era of cost containment and pay for performance.

At the heart of this transformation is an ability to safely integrate data from increasingly diverse sources, including social media, mobile devices and the IoT, to improve quality of care and patient experience. It is essential that the healthcare industry ensures growing data sets are managed, governed, and protected; solving these issues will enable payers and providers to:

  • Drive better healthcare outcomes and pay for performance
  • Comply with government and industry regulation
  • Lower costs while ensuring standards of care and compliance
  • Reduce the risk of sensitive data loss or misuse internally
  • limit damage in the event of a hack

Improve quality of care while reducing compliance risk

  • 360-degree view: Putting all patient data securely in one place offers an opportunity to improve patient wellness and their healthcare experience. A 360-degree view enables payers to prioritize patients for action and to predict which members are likely to be noncompliant with a medication or to cancel their policies. For providers, a 360-degree view of patients enables them to move to truly patient centric care, schedule resources, devices, and medications, track utilization rates, create operational efficiencies, and improve procedural standards.
  • Take the pain out of protecting PHI and PII data: Under strict legislative mandates and industry regulations (e.g. HIPAA), healthcare payers and providers are required to protect PHI and PII from compromise, or face brand damaging fines and lawsuits. Securing private data and strengthening access controls to it, mitigates the impact of unintentional actions, internal misuse and external threats.
  • Identifying clinical trends: Using technology to identify trends in protected data offers prediction opportunities for early intervention to prevent epidemics, cure diseases, avoid unnecessary deaths and reduce the costs associated with rising healthcare treatments and an aging population.
  • Protect member/patient trust: Cyber attacks and privacy violations erode both member trust and brand loyalty. Healthcare organizations need to protect sensitive and private data from threats in order to eliminate the reputational damage and business loss resulting from security breaches.
  • Operational Efficiency: Many healthcare organizations find it difficult to adopt cost saving cloud based technologies, due to data security concerns. Healthcare organizations with a data-centric approach to protecting patient and member data can confidently embrace the cloud to increase business agility and significantly reduce operational spend.


Protegrity protects the healthcare data of 1/3 of Americans*
Protegrity represents a proven solution to data-driven organizations concerned about protecting sensitive information without compromising business processes. The largest healthcare payers and providers trust Protegrity to protect the personal data of their patients and clients. Payers and providers use Protegrity to ensure their data is only released to authorized personnel.
*Based upon the number of patients and clients served by our clients

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