With Protegrity’s end-to-end data protection solutions, retailers can protect customer and employee data, streamline data in the cloud, and meet PCI DSS and regulatory compliance requirements. The Protegrity Platform allows authorized, role-based access to leverage your data with Advanced Analytics, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning initiatives. Rapidly adapt to market changes and improve your organization’s ability to scale with Protegrity.

Data teams can authorize access to the right parties at any access point thanks to Protegrity’s granular, role-based access feature. Role-based access opens new opportunities for data teams to utilize business and customer analytics to improve the customer experience, drive initiatives and enhance operational efficiency.

Discover the secret to scaling your organization through comprehensive data privacy solutions. Reduce costs, streamline your process and protect sensitive data while maintaining data usability with the right data protection solutions for retailers.

Staying competitive and satisfying market demands across borders requires retailers to stay GDPR, PCI DSS, and CCPA-compliant. As transactions are made and customer information is aggregated, this creates complications with shared responsibility models, often caused by user error. Once sensitive customer data is moved into more vulnerable environments, retailers are at risk for breaches, audits, non-compliance fines and reputation loss.

Thanks to Protegrity’s data protection solutions, retailers and their data teams can now meet regulatory compliance requirements, avoid ransomware breaches and fraud, and seamlessly integrate data protection solutions into their legacy software, allowing everyone to benefit from flexible data protection.

Ransomware and fraud are pervasive and frequent problems for the retail industry, affecting everyone involved. Following a data breach, attackers use encryption to hold data for ransom, or worse, publish it publicly. Protected data that has been tokenized has no value if it gets into the wrong hands, as data tokenized through Protegrity’s Vaultless Tokenization is rendered useless in the event of a breach.

Using Protegrity’s solutions and Sensitive Data Discovery tools, data teams can locate, identify and tag vulnerable data and start enhancing their data protection strategy today.

Retailers have data in a wide range of systems - on-premises and in the cloud. The Protegrity Platform enables our customers to benefit from powerful products such as Protegrity’s Enterprise Security Administrator (ESA) for centralized policy management, and Data Security Gateway (DSG), reducing their cyber risks – from ransomware, breaches and fraud. Protegrity's Vaultless Tokenization protects retailers' customer and employee data at rest, in transit and in use. Whether you are focused on protecting data privacy, data in the cloud, or in analytics platforms, Protegrity has a solution for you.
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