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Global financial service enterprises such as banks and insurance companies count on Protegrity to protect their sensitive data wherever it resides or travels in their ecosystem: on-premises and across multiple cloud environments. With Protegrity’s end-to-end data protection solutions, you can streamline cloud data migrations, meet PCI DSS and NACHA compliance requirements, and maximize the value of your sensitive data while reducing risk.

If your data protection methods don't secure PII and financial information while also meeting regulatory compliance requirements, then you may be facing a number of risks, including audits, hefty non-compliance fines, and customer loss. Protegrity provides scalable data protection solutions, including sensitive data discovery, hybrid and cloud migration data protection, and marketplace partnerships to help financial institutions secure sensitive information while maintaining data usability.

Our gateways, integrations and solutions are regularly updated, allowing Protegrity products to evolve with PCI DSS, GDPR and other data security compliance regulations. This ensures your security standards meet industry and audit requirements while preserving your organization’s reputation.

Flexible and protected data access continues to pose challenges for data teams. To optimize business processes and outcomes, various users across your organization need access to customer data. Protecting data against ransomware, breaches, money laundering and fraud can be best locked down with data security solutions. However, these data access points provide flexible protection for efficient data storage and use by the right parties while remaining compliant: a huge benefit for the entire corporation.

Protegrity’s legacy software-friendly solutions provide authorized, role-based access to users for faster and protected data access. With the right data protection, customers can login to their online banking dashboard as data teams utilize business analytics for advanced Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning initiatives without affecting transactions or customer relationships. Learn more about Protegrity’s legacy platform and third-party application integrations here.

Despite the data types, IT systems, cloud and storage environments or regulatory compliance requirements, Protegrity can simplify your data protection strategy. Protegrity's Vaultless Tokenization services can be implemented locally to de-identify new and existing PII at source banking entities before the PII is transferred to HQ. Centralized policy-based access controls allow you to restrict access to re-identified data to authorized users, including country-specific requirements, so you can keep sensitive information out of the hands of cybercriminals.

Protegrity empowers financial institutions to balance the demands of customers, cloud migration initiatives, and evolving regulatory requirements with robust data protection solutions. Improve your cyber security strategy with Protegrity’s data protection and cloud migration solutions today. 
Finance Solutions
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