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Healthcare organizations, particularly payers and insurance providers can fill in some of the missing gaps of their data protection strategy with Protegrity’s full range of healthcare data protection solutions. With Protegrity’s end-to-end data privacy solutions, you can protect PHI and comply with HIPAA, while allowing authorized, role-based access to analyze and leverage your data with advanced Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning analytics. Wherever you are with your data security strategy, Protegrity has the solution for you.

If your data protection methods don't comply with HIPAA, or other data protection regulation requirements, you risk being audited and paying huge fines, which cuts into your overall revenue. Protegrity’s data protection solutions evolve with regulatory compliance, to ensure your data protection standards are properly protecting sensitive data and meeting compliance regulations globally.

To optimize patient care and business processes, you need to give various users across your organization access to patient and customer data. If your data isn’t protected at every access point, your organization’s sensitive data could be exposed in a breach, resulting in massive fines, compliance audits, reputation loss and legal ramifications. Additionally, whatever data protection solutions you use must be compatible with your legacy software, applications, complex dataset integrations and other internal software, which could slow or cripple your efforts to access and analyze healthcare analytics.

Protegrity integrates with legacy and native solutions and provides role-based, granular access control to protect data, while allowing authorized users to use and share it to optimize business processes.

Make the most of your customer data and improve patient outcomes with sensitive data protection for analytics initiatives. Role-based access to data is essential to not only meet regulatory data compliance requirements but also to improve patient outcomes and operational efficiency.

With role-based access to data, team members across your organization can share and analyze data and leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning for a variety of purposes, including predictive analytics.

With flexible and universal data protection, healthcare organizations and insurance providers can use their advanced predictive analytics in new ways, accelerating digital transformations in AI and ML to improve patient outcomes and help patients thrive.
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