Discover what lies below the surface!

Think of data discovery in terms of an iceberg – ignorance of what lies beneath the waterline is no excuse for non-compliance. Think about analytics in terms of a puzzle – without all the pieces it’s impossible to see the bigger picture.

Protegrity Insight for DiscoveryTM, is a purpose-built data discovery, classification and analysis tool that helps you assess and understand your risk exposure by showing you where your sensitive data resides. You can then analyze and address critical compliance metrics; and protect your data at rest, in transit or in use across the entire enterprise and in the cloud.

  • Discover Success: Knowing where your sensitive information resides sets realistic expectations for managing your data projects.
  • Discover Simplicity: Discovery and classification of your organization’s sensitive information lets you quickly and confidently jumpstart data-centric projects, including GDPR, PCI and HIPAA compliance.
  • Discover Continuity: Stay secure and in control of your sensitive data exposure by continuously measuring and assessing gaps and violations.
  • Discover Confidence: Identify and locate sensitive data across your entire enterprise so your brand can know what to protect without compromising your business success.

Protegrity Insight for Discovery overcomes many of the challenges associated with traditional data discovery tools:

  • Analyzing large, distributed data stores is no longer slow and expensive
  • Sensitivity confidence rating reduces risk
  • Interpreting results is no longer manual and high risk and priorities are clearly identified
  • Agility to respond to an evolving data landscape is consistently assured

When Protegrity Insight for Discovery is integrated with the full suite of Protegrity data security solutions, your security team can then create and propagate the proper data protection policies and techniques across applications, data warehouses, mainframes, big data repositories and the cloud.

By continuously measuring and assessing exposure, gaps, and policy violations, organizations will be able to drive timely actions and see an improvement in their data protection confidence scores.

Protegrity Insight for Discovery Demo

Protegrity Insight for Discovery
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Protegrity Insight for Discovery
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