Protegrity Jumpstart is the fastest way to begin learning how to protect your sensitive data. Our experts will condense your initial implementation to just 16 weeks.

The Jumpstart Advantage

Jumpstart is a pilot package that enables rapid standup and use of the Protegrity Data Protection Platform for six months for non-production purposes.
Single Use Case

Six-Month License

Full Platform Access

16-Week Design & Build Consulting

One Week Training

Is it Right for You?

Jumpstart is for companies that want hands-on access to test drive the Protegrity Data Protection Platform.
Low Initial Investment

Prove the Value

Hands-on Evaluation

Consulting Included

Expert Training

Jumpstart Overview

Jumpstart is offered as a pilot program (up to six-months) including the full Protegrity Data Protection Platform. This will enable you to get hands-on experience and test all the features. Full access to the platform includes ESA and 30-plus protectors for Applications, Databases, Big Data, Files, Mainframe, and Cloud.

Also included are 16-weeks of training, discovery, design, and delivery consulting services; one-week training for staff; and 24/7 global support—all at one fixed price.

Protegrity Jumpstart Professional Services and Support


1 Week
Review project scope

Create project schedule

Address training & other prerequisites

Kickoff project


1 Week
Protegrity Essentials

Conduct Protegrity Product Training

- Formal

- Hands-on

- On-site

- Classroom style training

- Training manual(s) included


6 Weeks
Discovery & Design
Review systems & data:

- Sensitive data

- Where in data flow data will be protected

- Method(s) of protection to be used

- Who needs access to the sensitive data

Catalog Sensitive Data—Discover Tool

Review monitoring requirements


6 Weeks
Install Protegrity solution

Configure ESA

Implement Protector(s) (UDF Calls, API Calls, etc.)

Test configuration

Protect historical data

Modify to existing applications


Deploy solution


2 Weeks
Hand off
Handover to Global Support

Full access to Global Support

Project sign-off

The Protegrity Discover Tool

Used in discovery and design phases.

Enables finding the location of clear data.

Scans, samples, classifies, catalogs and analyzes sensitive data.

Results lead to risk assessment and action items (i.e., data protection).

Reproduces results to uncover trends

Classify & Discover

Prerequisites completed
Install appliance and verify data-store connectivity
Scans, samples, classifies, and analyzes sensitive information
Produce & deliver risk profile report with historical updates enabled

Risk Profiling for up to Five Data Stores

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