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Learn How BCBS of Minnesota Transformed Data Security to Transform their Business

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People I work with are passionate about their roles protecting the private and sensitive data they are responsible for, facing new challenges daily as IT evolves and organizations innovate. This is especially true in the healthcare industry where an influx of EHRs and new technology has transformed the use of PHI – and made it increasingly vulnerable to threat. In the past year, security incidents in the healthcare industry have risen by 60% and the costs associated with a PHI breach have almost quadrupled. With Phase 2 of the HIPAA Audit Program well underway in 2016, data custodians in US healthcare have on average 11 different security tools in place in a bid to meet their responsibilities. But the complexity involved with managing so many disparate solutions and systems is in itself a threat to security, and many organizations are seeking more efficient and secure ways to protect the PHI and PII they hold. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota leads the way in protecting the sensitive data of its members, taking proactive steps to ensure its safety without compromising the ability to visualize and leverage a 360 degree view of members by adopting a data-centric approach to security and information sharing. Join Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota data and security experts Marc Schandl, Information Security Architect, and Dave Miller, Manager, Data Management, as they share their transformational data security journey with Rose Cintron-Allen, Practice Lead Healthcare Industry Consultant, Teradata on June 29th at 1pm EDT.  

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