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A New Prescription for Healthcare Data Security?

Data Security DigestMore than four in five U.S. physicians (83 percent) have experienced some form of a cybersecurity attack, according to a survey conducted by Accenture and the American Medical Association (AMA) and described in the HelpNetSecurity article, “Taking the Physician’s Pulse on Cybersecurity.” This, along with other symptoms of poor data protection, signals a call to action for the healthcare sector to increase cybersecurity support for medical practices in their communities.

The good news is that healthcare leaders are ready to take their medicine to ward off future data breaches and protect their patients’ most sensitive data. As Elizabeth Snell reports in her Health IT Security: article, “Healthcare Cybersecurity Top Digital Priority for Org Leaders,” the majority of health systems plan to increase technology spending to improve their healthcare cybersecurity measures next year, according to a survey of 35 large US health systems.

In the UK, there’s currently a debate taking place over whether giving individuals too much control over how their data is used by healthcare organizations may be stifling data sharing and preventing improvements in the delivery of health services nationally. As Derek du Preez in Diginomica reports in his article, “There Should Be ‘No Watering Down’ of How the Public Controls its Health Data,” the British government’s National Data Guardian (NGD) for Health and Care has warned that the public’s choice over how the National Health Service (NHS) uses its data should not be watered down and that trust needs to be built slowly and carefully, especially if the benefits of data sharing are to be realized.

How is your healthcare organization balancing the need for patient privacy with the mandate to improve outcomes? We would love to hear from you. In the meantime, here’s a roundup of other top data security stories making headlines or providing insights for the week ending December 15, 2017:

Cloud Data Security

Financial Services Data Security


  • “Researchers Find Trove of 1.4 Billion Breached Credentials,” by Phil Muncaster in InfoSecurity: Security researchers claim to have discovered a database containing a staggering 1.4 billion breached credentials, the largest of its kind ever discovered on the dark web. The 41GB data dump was updated as recently as the end of November, and includes 385 million new credential pairs from 318 million unique users.

Regulations & Compliance

CISO Concerns


What was your favorite data security story this week?

Michael Maloney is the Director of Analyst & Public Relations at Protegrity, a provider of enterprise data-centric security solutions.

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