Stamford data-security firms repel cyber attack

Protegrity CEO Suni Munshani was interviewed by Stamford Advocate reporter Paul Schott for a story about the response of local data-security firms to the global WannaCry cyber attack that struck hundreds of organizations around the world in May.

WannaCry disabled computers that ran mostly older versions of Microsoft Windows in about 150 countries. It encrypted users’ computer files and showed a message demanding $300 to $600 worth of the digital currency bitcoin to release them. Failure to pay would render the data scrambled and probably irredeemable.

“There was very little impact to our clients, although many clients called us and had a discussion with us as to what precautionary measures they should take in addition to everything they have in place,” said Suni Munshani, CEO of Protegrity, which is based at 5 High Ridge Park and serves mostly large corporations. 

Firms such as Protegrity and BlackStratus employ a range of methods and platforms to protect their clients. Protegrity is a leader in “tokenization” technology that replaces sensitive data with meaningless symbols. A birth date of 1/11/70 might show up, for instance, as 779621.

“If attackers do get to the data — which is the ‘holy grail,’ the ‘gold’ they’re after — they can do nothing with it when it’s being protected with Protegrity technology,” Munshani said. “Once the data is protected, it’s completely useless to those bad actors.”

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