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Posted on: October 8, 2015

Protegrity Data Security Solutions Integrated Into Teradata Cloud

Protegrity Technology to Provide Column/Field-Level Data Protection for Teradata Cloud for Analytics

STAMFORD, CT – October 8, 2015 – Protegrity today announced that its enterprise data-centric security solutions are now integrated into the enhanced data security option available to Teradata Cloud customers. The Protegrity technology includes versions of the company’s Enterprise Security Administrator and Database Protector specifically designed to provide column/field-level data protection (via encryption, tokenization, and/or masking) for Teradata Data Warehouse as a Service. The Protegrity File Protector, optimized to provide file-level protection for sensitive data stored inside Teradata Aster® Discovery Platform, will be offered at a later date as part of the enhanced data security option available for Teradata Aster as a Service. "Integrating our proven data security platform into Teradata® Cloud is the logical next step in our long-standing partnership that has already delivered Protegrity technology optimized for Teradata’s on-premises data warehousing and analytics solutions," said Protegrity CEO Suni Munshani. "We have designed, developed and tested these offerings with Teradata to create the most secure, comprehensive and transparent data security available for Teradata Cloud services." [blockquote]Cloud computing has revolutionized the way companies around the world manage their business and data, but it has also brought a unique set of concerns around security," said Chris Twogood, Vice President of Marketing, Teradata. "While Teradata Cloud delivers an inherently very high level of privacy and security, we have partnered with Protegrity to bring fine-grained, column- and field-level data protection for organizations needing that added layer of control.”[/blockquote] Components of the Protegrity Data Security Platform integrated into the enhanced data security option for Teradata Cloud include: [list style="list5"]

  • The Protegrity Enterprise Security Administrator (ESA) is the central command center for data security policy and key management, monitoring, auditing and reporting. In the Teradata Cloud environment, ESA enables authorized security administrators to determine, set and deploy policies in the Protegrity Database Protectors installed on Teradata Data Warehouse as a Service and the Protegrity File Protectors installed on Teradata Aster as a Service. The policy is enforced by the data protectors and audit logs of all activity on sensitive data are recorded and sent back to ESA for reporting.

[/list] [list style="list5"]

  • The Protegrity Database Protector, optimized for the Teradata Data Warehouse as a Service, enhances the security of any Teradata data warehouse by performing column- and field-level data encryption, tokenization or masking in database tables, and employs strong access and usage controls. It also delivers high transparency to applications that use the protected database(s), requiring very few or no modifications.

[/list] [list style="list5"]

  • The Protegrity File Protector is a high performance software solution that will offer transparent security of structured and unstructured data in volumes, files and directories stored inside Teradata Aster as a Service. Deployments will be available for full volumes, enabling at rest protection ideal for retired or vaulted data, or file encryption, enabling file-by-file, directory-by-directory, and tree-by-tree encryption for data at rest or in transit.



Protegrity’s Enterprise Security Administrator and Database Protector, optimized for Teradata Data Warehouse as a Service, are now part of the enhanced data security option available to Teradata Cloud customers. The Protegrity File Protector, optimized for Teradata Aster as a Service, will be offered at a later date. Protegrity (Booth # 324) and Teradata (Booth # 216) will be demonstrating these solutions at the Teradata 2015 PARTNERS Conference & Expo at the Anaheim Convention Center, Oct. 18-22, 2015.

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