Protegrity Delivers Advanced Token Solution; First To Fully Support Risk Based Data Security

Stamford, CT, October 6, 2009, — It’s a truth that’s increasingly becoming evident: all data is not created equal. High value data — financial, personally identifiable (PII) and other confidential information — needs to be protected from capture to deletion, using technology that provides the right kind of strong protection for all the different types of critical data. Other types of data can be successfully secured using less rigorous methods. Businesses are increasingly turning to Tokenization to secure highest risk data such as social security numbers. Tokenization is one of the data security solutions provided in the Protegrity Data Protection System (DPS) 5, the newest version of Protegrity Corporation’s complete data protection platform, released in early June 2009. Tokenization removes sensitive data from the information flow at the earliest possible point in the process, replacing it with a token that acts as an alias for the protected data. Associating original data with an alias allows high-risk data to be protected from malicious hackers over its lifecycle under a fully auditable and controllable process. An enterprise tokenization strategy also reduces the overall risk to the enterprise that results from the ability of many persons to have access to confidential data, often beyond what can be justified by business needs. Tokenization, applied strategically to business data and applications, can also reduce ongoing confidential data management costs as well as ease compliance with data protection regulations. “Protegrity’s solution is engineered to provide strong security, transparency, availability and easy deployment. It is a solution that is ready to be deployed now, not a ‘framework’ for developers or a set of ‘routines’ that involves high costs and significant amounts of time to deploy and integrate with existing applications,” says Ulf Mattsson, Protegrity CTO. “And with DPS, you can be assured that your data security solution will continue to work, across a wide range of platforms throughout the enterprise, now and into the future.” Bringing tokenization in-house provides significant benefits typically including increased transparency, availability, performance, and scalability as well as eliminating concerns about outsourcing the security of critical data. Protegrity fully supports enterprises in their drive to move forward to proactive risk-adjusted data security strategies. DPS 5 provides a complete set of protection technologies that can be deployed when and as needed, in combinations that suit the individual business’ needs in order to protect data now and quickly address changes in data risk-levels and new threat vectors. “We believe that using risk-adjusted methods to determine which technologies will best secure what types of data is the most effective way to enhance a businesses’ security profile and achieve the right balance between business needs and security/compliance demands,” says Paul Giardina, President and CEO, Protegrity. ”DPS 5 demonstrates our commitment to supporting practical, business-process based data security solutions.” Protegrity DPS 5 offers a wealth of business benefits that point solutions simply cannot provide, enabling enterprises to select, deploy and easily manage a unified set of technologies — including tokenization, strong and format-controlled encryption, policy-based data masking and data monitoring — that best meet their specific security requirements and business needs — now and into the future. DPS 5 secures data at the application, file and database levels, driven by an enterprise’s own security policies. The solution integrates seamlessly with the existing business ecosystem, ease data security management and measurably simplify regulatory compliance.


Protegrity delivers centralized data security management solutions that protect sensitive information from acquisition to deletion across the enterprise. Protegrity’s customers maintain complete protection over their data and business by employing software and solutions specifically designed to secure data, safeguard web applications, and manage and report on security policy. The company’s singular focus is on developing solutions that protect data. Protegrity employees are security technology specialists with deep expertise in data security techniques, encryption key management, web application firewalls and security policy in distributed environments. Maximize security with minimal business impact with Protegrity Security Suite, the high performance, transparent solution optimized for the dynamic enterprise. To learn more, visit or call 203.326.7200. Protegrity is a registered trademark of Protegrity Corporation. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

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