Protegrity Insight™ for Discovery Helps Businesses Jump Start Data Protection and Minimize Risk

STAMFORD, CT – August 7, 2018 – Protegrity, a leading provider of data-centric enterprise data security solutions, today announced Protegrity Insight™ for Discovery, an always available, purpose-built data discovery, classification and analysis tool to help organizations assess and understand their risk exposure by showing where their sensitive data resides; analyze and address critical compliance metrics; and protect their data at rest, in transit or in use across the enterprise and in the cloud.

Protegrity Insight for Discovery addresses several shortcomings of other data discovery and classification tools on the market today, including lacking adequate insights to help prioritize necessary actions and producing too many false positives that drain IT resources and budgets.

Protegrity InsightSecurity teams can jump start a data protection project by letting Protegrity Insight for Discovery automatically identify sensitive data wherever it exists in an organization. It does this by going through the targeted data sources and opening as many items as possible to discover sensitive data. Using patent pending technology, the tool examines each opened data item to associate proper classifications (tags, labels, data element types, etc.). Positive results are stored in a metadata repository and given a confidence score that is then fed into a user interface that provides an easy to understand dashboard with accurate metrics and scorecards for a given source, across multiple sources, or across locations from on-premise to the cloud.

“Organizations that do not know where their sensitive data resides find it hard to prioritize data security and privacy risks, and regulatory goals, and thus struggle with where to start compliance and data security projects,” said Dominic Sartorio, Protegrity’s Senior Vice President of Products & Development. “Discovery, classification, and analysis of sensitive information enables organizations to quickly and confidently jumpstart data-centric projects, including GDPR, PCI and HIPAA compliance.”

Protegrity Insight for Discovery was piloted within several organizations, including one of the world’s largest e-commerce retailers, one of the largest U.S.-based healthcare providers, and a well-known provider of commercial data, analytics and insights for business.

“Protegrity Insight for Discovery was installed, up and running, scanning database tables, and finding sensitive information very quickly. It’s ability to refine the way sensitive information is uncovered allowed us to easily adapt Insight to our data and increase accuracy of the discovery process,” said a pilot customer from a major U.S.-based insurance provider.

Protegrity Insight TrialProtegrity Insight for Discovery, along with all Protegrity software solutions, is available within Protegrity Prime, the industry’s first all-in subscription solution launched earlier this year that bundles the company’s software, support and consulting services into flexible tiers based on how much sensitive data is protected. For a limited time Protegrity Insight for Discovery is also available as part of a complimentary 30-day trial.

About Protegrity: Proven Experts in Data Security

Protegrity is the only enterprise data security software platform that combines machine learning, data discovery, and classification tools along with scalable, data-centric encryption, tokenization, de-identification and masking to help businesses secure sensitive information everywhere while maintaining data usability. Built for complex, heterogeneous business environments, the Protegrity Data Security Platform provides unprecedented levels of data security for applications, data warehouses, mainframes, big data and the cloud in the industry’s first all-in subscription solution. Companies trust Protegrity to help them identify, locate and protect sensitive data enterprise wide, manage risk, achieve compliance, enable business analytics and confidently adopt new platforms.

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