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Posted on: June 29, 2010

Protegrity Releases Data Security Platform 5.2 with Distributed and Scalable Tokenization

Protegrity USA, Inc., a global software leader providing end-to-end data security solutions, today announced the release of the Protegrity Data Security Platform 5.2, the latest version of Protegrity’s award-winning data protection product which delivers a powerful tokenization solution for the enterprise. Tokenization is the process of substituting sensitive data with replacement values that retain all the essential characteristics without compromising its security. This provides a highly desirable level of transparency to the systems that are being protected. Unfortunately, obstacles such as performance drains, data availability, scalability, collisions and increased management demands have marred experiences with this promising technology. With Protegrity’s next generation tokenization solution, Protegrity has applied patent-pending techniques to eliminate the challenges associated with standard centralized tokenization. The Protegrity Token Server delivers a high performance tokenization engine benchmarked at 200,000 tokens per second on a single machine. Additional commodity machines can be added to scale and improve the throughput into the millions of tokens per second. The new tokenization features of the Protegrity Data Security Platform 5.2 support enterprises in their commitment to a risk-adjusted data security strategy. Pursuing a risk-adjusted strategy means selecting a platform that provides multiple data protection options, such as tokenization and encryption, so that enterprises can deploy the right protection choices to achieve the best balance between business needs and security/compliance demands. In addition to the game-changing tokenization capabilities, other new and enhanced features included in the 5.2 release are:

  • Auditing and reporting for the enterprise
  • Key identifiers which tag protected data

Advanced auditing and reporting is an important differentiation point for Protegrity. With the new 5.2 update, there is better performance and scalability for large-scale environments that generate many audit entries. There is a full set of prepackaged graphical reports to choose from, and it is easy to customize and create audit reports for unique reporting requirements. Key Identifiers (KeyID) are a benefit that was specifically designed to improve the re-keying of data, enhance backup & recovery, and strengthen application security. As part of the encrypted data, you can optionally store a short clue about which key was used to encrypt. The KeyID will follow the data where it goes – in transit and at rest. Having a KeyID attached to the encrypted data eliminates the risk of not being able to decrypt after years of archival, and it simplifies the re-keying of short-lived and long-lived data. “We are pleased to announce the next generation of the Protegrity Data Security Platform 5.2. This new release further differentiates Protegrity’s position in the market as an innovative leader and raises the bar for tokenization, performance, and reporting,” said Iain Kerr, President and CEO, Protegrity.


Protegrity is the leading global security software company providing high performance, infinitely scalable, end-to-end data security solutions. Protegrity customers centrally develop, manage and control data security policy that protects sensitive information across the enterprise in databases, applications and file systems from the point of acquisition to deletion. Protegrity’s solutions give corporations the ability to implement a variety of data protection methods, including strong encryption, scalable tokenization, masking and monitoring to ensure the protection of their sensitive data and enable compliance for PCI-DSS, HIPAA and other data security requirements. Protegrity’s award winning software products and innovative technology are backed by 13 industry patents, all of which differentiate the Protegrity Data Security Platform from point solutions. Protegrity employees are security technology specialists with deep industry expertise in data security approaches and techniques, including key management, forensics reporting and security policy definition and management. Protegrity has more than 150 enterprise customers worldwide who use its comprehensive data security solutions to fulfill their obligations to protect their sensitive data, brand, and business reputation. Protegrity is headquartered in Stamford, Connecticut USA. To learn more, visit or call 203.326.7200. Protegrity is a registered trademark of Protegrity Corporation. Contact Information: Elaine Evans 203-428-4722