Protegrity’s Data Security Platform Delivers 200,000 Tokens Per Second on a Single Machine, Announced at Risk Management Summit

Enterprises Can Now Benefit From Protegrity’s Distributed Tokenization Innovation to Deliver a Powerful End to End Data Security Solution With a High Level of Transparency and Reduced Cost

STAMFORD, CT and WASHINGTON, DC–(Marketwire – June 22, 2010) – Protegrity USA, Inc., the leading global data security software company based in Stamford, CT, today announced from the Gartner Security & Risk Management Summit it has expanded its product offering to include the only high performing, distributable tokenization solution on the market used to protect sensitive data. The Protegrity Token Server can be deployed wherever it is needed in the business process without any coordination or replication from a main controlling server. This flexibility enables users to optimally deploy tokenization on-site or off-site. Off-site deployment may be advantageous to create a more segregated PCI out of scope topology. The Protegrity Token Server delivers a high performance tokenization engine benchmarked at 200,000 tokens per second on a single commodity machine. Additional machines can be added to scale and to improve the throughput enabling users to scale their tokenization process into the millions of tokens per second by simply adding more cores to their server complex. This cutting-edge technology will enable customers to maximize data protection while minimizing impact on business operations. For years Protegrity has been protecting the payment processes with end to end encryption. The addition of tokenization enables us to encrypt at the point of capture and to tokenize as data enters the data center. By tokenizing within the business processes inside the data center, businesses can reduce their PCI audit costs as credit cards are replaced with inert tokens. The Protegrity research and development group has been working to develop this new patent-pending technology. The Protegrity Token Server solution has altered the traditional backend processes used in tokenization. This new technology eliminates the challenges associated with standard centralized tokenization including latency, availability, collisions and scalability for peak loads such as performing the initial tokenization and for large daily batch tokenization requirements. The integration of the token server into the Protegrity Data Security Platform delivers monitoring, encryption and tokenization from a single platform with central policy control and automatic key management. Integration with the Protegrity Database Protector delivers the only industry transparent database protector for tokenization. Tokenization has also been integrated into the Protegrity Application Protector, a policy-based API for data protection. “Our new tokenization model is unrivaled in the industry with respect to availability, performance, scalability, and distribution. The Protegrity Token Server also separates Protegrity from all other vendors with unmatched deployment flexibility, being able to deploy in a distributed or centralized topology. Together with the industry leading Protegrity Data Protection Platform, the Protegrity Token Server is the most powerful tokenization solution available today,” said Raul Ortega, Vice President of Research and Development, Protegrity. Visit Protegrity at booth 57 to learn more.

About Protegrity

Protegrity is the leading global security software company providing high performance, infinitely scalable, end-to-end data security solutions. Protegrity customers centrally develop, manage and control data security policy that protects sensitive information across the enterprise in databases, applications and file systems from the point of acquisition to deletion. Protegrity’s solutions give corporations the ability to implement a variety of data protection methods, including strong encryption, scalable tokenization, masking and monitoring to ensure the protection of their sensitive data and enable compliance for PCI-DSS, HIPAA and other data security requirements. Protegrity’s award winning software products and innovative technology are backed by 13 industry patents, all of which differentiate the Protegrity Data Security Platform from point solutions. Protegrity employees are security technology specialists with deep industry expertise in data security approaches and techniques, including key management, forensics reporting and security policy definition and management. Protegrity has more than 150 enterprise customers worldwide who use its comprehensive data security solutions to fulfill their obligations to protect their sensitive data, brand, and business reputation. Protegrity is headquartered in Stamford, Connecticut USA. To learn more, visit or call 203.326.7200. Protegrity is a registered trademark of Protegrity Corporation.

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