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Posted on: October 20, 2017

Protegrity Clients at Teradata PARTNERS Share How to Guard Against Data Breach Threats While Driving Analytical Excellence

Visit Protegrity Booth #211 to Gain Insights Learned from Working with More Than 50 Global Brands Using Teradata® Software

 STAMFORD, CT – October 19, 2017 – Protegrity (booth #211) invites attendees of the Teradata PARTNERS Conference, October 22-26, 2017 at the Anaheim Convention Center, to gain insights learned from more than 50 global brands that have successfully protected their most sensitive data and their reputations against the growing threat of data breaches while using Teradata software to drive analytical excellence.

“Bad guys are using your employees with privileged administrative access to get into your data warehouse, through phishing and other forms of social engineering,” said Protegrity CEO Suni Munshani. “Simply using encryption to provide only coarse-grained protection does not provide enough risk mitigation to respond to today’s internal and external threats.”

At the Teradata PARTNERS Conference, Protegrity and several clients will demonstrate the benefits of adopting key data security principles such as segregation of duties and least privileged access, as well as data protection technologies like vaultless tokenization and format-preserving encryption. By adding proven Protegrity data protection solutions designed, developed and tested in conjunction with Teradata, a growing number of organizations continue to derive value from actionable insights and decision-based analytics, without compromising performance.

Protegrity experts and clients from American Express Global Business Travel, Delta Community Credit Union (“DCCU”) and a multinational media conglomerate are participating in the following educational sessions at PARTNERS to share their specific use cases and best practices for protecting sensitive data:

Sunday, October 22: 3:00pm – 4:00pm
Session 467: Scope Reduction is the Key to Better Data Security and PCI-DSS Compliance

Presenter: Johnny Hernandez, Director Information Security, American Express Global Business Travel (“GBT”)

Co-Presenter: Marco Carmona, Solution Architect, Protegrity
Room: ACC North 253AB

Learn how GBT was able to dramatically reduce the scope of its PCI-DSS audit with minimal impact to existing systems or business processes while simultaneously and dramatically reducing exposure to the vast majority of attack vectors and any risk of a data breach by leveraging Protegrity’s Data Security Gateway technology.

Monday, October 23: 3:30pm – 4:30pm

Session 471: Making Data Protection Easier with Data Security Gateways

Presenter: Su Rayburn, AVP, Information Management & Analytics, Delta Community Credit Union (“DCCU”)
Co-Presenter:  Marco Carmona, Solution Architect, Protegrity

Room: ACC North 254

In this session, learn how DCCU solved the problem of protecting PCI and PII data in their Enterprise Data Warehouse environment without impacting existing systems using Protegrity’s Data Security Gateway. A variety of data-centric protection methods and flexible policies allow for protection of the data itself as it is moved, used, and consumed by different users.

Wednesday, October 25: 11:45am - 12:30pm
Session 507: Cross platform protection of PII for the people that bring us the Olympics

Presenter: Steve Haydostian, ISSAEF Foundation President
Co-Presenter:  Vincent Lam, Head of Corporate Marketing, Protegrity

Room: ACC North 253C

Being a global broadcaster that brings us the Olympics, movies, documentaries, news and more requires moving people and equipment all over the world. This session will highlight how to achieve compliance with a broad range of data privacy regulations and protecting PII of a highly mobile, international workforce while still making the data accessible to authorized users and business processes, all managed from a single, centralized location.

Unsecured sensitive information in the enterprise data warehouse and derivative big data or cloud instances represent a major source of business risk. Native access control and encryption are a good first step, but in regulated industries this step alone is insufficient. Many organizations have come to Protegrity to take the extra step of protecting the data itself everywhere it goes. This past year alone, Protegrity and Teradata have signed new or expanded contracts with:

  • a global retail bank as part of its expanded analytical ecosystem that now combines both Teradata and Cloudera;
  • a leading endpoint protection solutions provider to implement an additional layer of protection for its sensitive data on Teradata software;
  • a global financial services provider to protect sensitive PCI and PII data that is in transit and at rest;
  • a major U.S. bank to secure PII on Teradata and Cloudera systems in its Enterprise Data Warehouse;
  • a multinational retail bank to extended its use of Protegrity in both its Teradata and Cloudera systems, to maintain compliance with EU cross border data protection legislation, and maintain cost control of its analytics environments;
  • a major U.K. home-shopping retailer to protect sensitive data across its architecture in preparation for General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR); and
  • a top 10 advertiser across display, paid search, mobile and social marketing, to protect PCI and PII information on both Teradata and Oracle platforms.

To learn more about how the right balance between sophisticated data analysis and risk management can be achieved, please visit Protegrity booth #211, where visitors can also enter daily prize drawings or receive complementary Protegrity logo wear or a high-performance flashlight.

About Protegrity: Proven Experts in Data Security

Protegrity is the only enterprise data security software platform that leverages scalable, data-centric encryption, tokenization and masking to help businesses secure sensitive information while maintaining data usability. Built for complex, heterogeneous business environments, the Protegrity Data Security Platform provides unprecedented levels of data security certified across applications, data warehouses, mainframes, big data, and cloud environments. Companies trust Protegrity to help them manage risk, achieve compliance, enable business analytics, and confidently adopt new platforms. For additional information visit

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